Saturday, February 18, 2012

e-Book Readers. Could They Be An Ideal Replacement For Authentic Books?

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By Lionel Vlach

So we have all heard about the e-book readers, right? But do they get close to being as enjoyable as real books? We're all used to books being made of paper and ink and most of us have fond thoughts of the smells and sounds emanating from the pages as we run our fingers down the print and turn the leaves of the book over. Such is the sensory world of the book lover.

However, today technology is everywhere and e-book readers have entered our everyday lives.

This can be a great convenience for many people because it is so much cheaper to buy an eBook than a physical copy. Now with online stores like eBay and Amazon, your access to their electronic books is so much easier. e-book readers are made with convenience in mind. Many of them make the page actually appear as a real book; even when turning the pages.

Let us analyze some of the best e-book readers available in 2011. One of the popular options is the Kindle. This is a wireless device just 6 inches. This has been ranked in the top for many years and is still the number one choice. One of the features that people love is that it is very slim; like that of a magazine, about one third of an inch. Its weight is also ideal; being only 10.2 ounces. This is lighter than many of the books you will read. Another great feature is its download speed. Kindle e-Book readers are 3G capable devices. It does not take more than sixty seconds to download a title; you don't have to be connected to a computer to do so. It is also good to note that this device is supported in over 100 countries and can be used anywhere.

Other great e-book readers come from from Barnes and Noble with their Nook. People might think that there will be a problem in how a book is viewed on the e-book readers; but there is not. The manufacturers have taken this into consideration and have screens that aren't backlit, bright and blinding to the eye. They allow you to see images vividly and it is touch screen as well. You can dictate the level of brightness with its gray color contrasts; there are 16 levels. There is no backlight on this device neither is there a glare. The navigation is one touch and made for simple manipulation. This particular brand of eBook readers weights only one point two pounds, so no huge cost for shipping.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Use A GPS To Enjoy Stress-Free Travelling

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By Cassie Altmeir

A GPS device is normally considered to be just to help you find directions but believe me after you have tried this tiny gadget you will never wish to be without it. Once installed in your auto it does all of the navigation and makes even truly difficult trips by vehicle so much more pleasurable.

One of the finest features of the Garmin 1490lmt is the junction view. This model of GPS has a really big bright screen (nearly 5 inches) and you can take away the tabs on the left side of the screen so you can see the full screen. Even in bright daylight you can read the screen and see directions because it is backlit

I bought this model of GPS because I must frequently travel through an exceedingly difficult and busy set of interchanges for for 4 highways with express lanes to interchanges and it's really stressful to navigate at peak commuting times, which is exactly the time I need to use it. My travelling has been transformed since I got this GPS, now I just cruise through the traffic because I am able to see on the screen the junction view with a clear lane thru the chaotic road system. It works because it gives you advanced warning of the lane change in good time. I haven't got to turn to speculation.

All the directions are given in a pleasant clear voice and give the street names so I do not miss a turn.

It gives me alerts if there is a traffic problem like a traffic snarl-up or an accident on a route I have selected and I'll choose an alternative route to circumvent the delay. Even climatic conditions are given, so I will check the weather on my travel route and also at my destination in real time.

Masses of handy info about cafes and motels and junk food places is accessible. ATMs and Gas stations etc One of many extra features that comes on the Garmin 1490lmt is the JPEG picture viewer, this option is accessible from the menu and makes it easy to view your digital photos anywhere you should happen to be and to share them with others. It is actually possible to autoscan file in the GPS SD card and there are three different viewing options Thumbnail, Slideshow or Full screen.

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